About the Books of Hamstertown aka Hamsterton


There are seven books so far and indeed, they are full of funny things.

The first 3 books are for younger kids, such as pre-school. These books tell all about the girl Elfrieda and her funny friends, who enjoy many adventure in the 'Magic Forest' or in Island and also in Scotland.

The books up from edition 4 are even for elder people, such as bigger children, parents and grandparents, for everyone who loves crazy hamsters and humour. The German translation you can find on Hamsterhausen - http://hamsterhausen.de



Book 1

Adventures in the Magic Forest
Age 2 - 12


 In the Magic Forest

Elfrida and her friends are on an excursion in the Magic Forest.
Strange things are going to happen there.

The weather changes and when they hide in a old mine they get into trouble with a Dragon and a witch...


Book 2

Hamster, Witches and Australia
Age 4 - 16


Trouble in Australia

This time our friends are facing their most difficult task: They have to rescue the world from the mean witch! However, they get help from a clever budgie and many, many hamsters.

The journey takes Elfrida down under to Australia where she takes up the battle with the assistance of her friends.


Book 3

Hamster in Danger
Age 6 - 99


Their first Adventure in Scotland

An old rodden castle, somewhere in the 'Grampian Mountains'... Here old McShredder is living and takes pleasure in making the life of his butler unpleasant. However, as a well-trained butler, McClown endures all his noble gentleman's whims. But then the butler has to make a long, troublesome journey.

This story was written for no other purpose but to prepare my kids for their first trip to Scotland (see also our webpage about Journeys throughout Scotland - http://familie-nass.de).

 When the kids grew the stories became more complex. Further, the Hamsters became the heroes of the books and Elfriede and her friends played a minor part only. Most of the stories happen in Scotland, primarily on places we have visited.


Book 4

Return to Scotland
Age 6 - 99

Some of the hamsters remained in Scotland after the last adventures. After blowing up the castle, they set out to an exiting journey through the beautiful country. At the same time Lord McShredder and his plagued butler McClown start their voyage home from Spain to Scotland. A meeting of both parties seems to be unavoidable. New adventures ahead.


Book 5

Funfair - Project Pleasure Dome
Age 6 - 99


To make themselves the talk of Hamster County once more, the hamsters want to construct a giant fun fair. For this they need old McShredder from Scotland. On his route, truck driver Vim van der Slampe makes some horrible experiences with the hamsters. Instead of taking them to Dunollie Castle, where His Lordscum McShredder is dwelling, poor Vim transports the hamsters to the most north of northern Highlands. Just a misunderstanding over the pronunciation of the town of Oban. In this story you will learn that single track roads have their limits regarding big trucks...


Book 6

Up And Away
Age 6 - 99


Time base goes to pieces when the hamsters conquer space. A historic moment makes them meet the legendary Captain Kirk and his crew. An alien entity is trying to contact the Captain of the Enterprise to fight a star-sucking singularity with his help. However, the gondola of a Hamsterton merry-go-round is crossing its path; consequently the desperate entity takes control over the scatterbrained mayor instead. Due to some misunderstanding the hamsters take control over the Enterprise while the Captain and his friends McCoy, Scotty, and Spock set out for a score of adventures in Scotland - as they, too, have received orders to shake the time base and the history of mankind. The touchdown of the USS Enterprise close to Loch Naver, Highlands, will be one of the highlights of this story...


Book 7

The Hamsterto(w)n Exhibition
Age 6 - 99


They are simply not able to refrain. To be the greatest, just the greatest, the hamsters are planning a really swell exhibition. However, organization rather goes down the drain and they need a manager who is really able to manage things. Once more they have to go to Scotland. In spite of the world's worst navigator they reach the Highlands - after a stopover in Buckingham Palace...


Enjoy reading!